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There’s no mystery to getting a home in Scottsdale sold quickly – the more people that step foot into the home, the better your chances of a quick sale. To get more people through the front door requires far more effort than merely listing it in the local MLS, it requires a plan and a budget large enough to implement that plan.

This is something to keep in mind as you interview possible listing agents – ask about their marketing plans, request samples of past marketing efforts and ensure the agents have the money to put the plan into action.

No, it’s not the listing price

Although helping the homeowner determine an accurate market value for the home and assisting in setting a list price is important, it’s not the most important task we have.

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Most folks are horror stricken when they find out one of those huge retailers will be opening in or near their neighborhoods. Apparently, the fear is misplaced, according to studies of what happens to home prices in these situations. Sure, there will be a marked increase in traffic and noise, but read on to find out the benefits of having a Walmart next door (or nearby).

The Walmart Effect

Yes, there’s actually a name for it and it was coined by ABC News. Despite what many critics think, a new Walmart in the area actually helps boost home values, according to a study by Brigham Young University and the University of Chicago. You just might get a 3 percent bump in the value of your home when Walmart comes to town.

A new Whole Foods store will

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It only makes sense that you want every last penny that your Scottsdale home is worth when you sell it. Hey, we can’t blame you. There are several facts about home values that you need to know, however, in order to get all that money.

First, location is paramount. The better the location of your home, the more it will be worth, compared to similar homes. Second is curb appeal. It can actually make or break your home’s value.

Let’s assume then that your home is in an ideal location in Scottsdale – one that homebuyers clamor for. Then, let’s also assume that you’ve spent the time and money necessary to spiff up the exterior so that when buyers pull up to the curb they fall in love.

What else will entice them to write an offer on your

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Not enough homeowners treat their home as the investment that it is. It’s completely understandable, but when it’s time to sell, you need to look at your home in an entirely different way. That one simple change will help you make the most money possible on the sale of your Scottsdale home.

 Price your home strategically

When we hand you the Comparative Market Analysis we’ll also justify how we came up with our suggested list price. This information is important because the right price will help the home sell quicker. The longer a home sits on the market, the more money the seller loses, according to the National Association of Realtors. So speed is important.

In slow-moving real estate markets some sellers price their homes a bit below

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There are two parts of the home sale process that cause anxiety for both the seller and the buyer. The first is the home inspection and the second is the home appraisal. Despite the fact that market value of your Scottsdale house is based on what a willing buyer and seller agree to, appraisals are based on, mainly, the sold prices of nearby homes. Of course, that’s putting it simply, but you get the general idea.

There really is nothing you, as a homeowner, or the buyer can do to change the sales prices of comparable homes there are some thing you can do to help get the highest appraisal value possible.

1. Supply the appraiser with the facts

The appraiser has lots of information at his or her fingertips – home sale statistics, public records

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If perceptions didn’t sell, Madison Avenue wouldn’t exist. From the old promises to become more macho if you smoked a certain brand of cigarettes to Photoshopped glossies of models selling everything from cosmetics to clothing, it’s the perception we buy into that sells products.

It’s no different in real estate. When a buyer walks into a dirty or messy home, the perception is that the home hasn’t been maintained. If a home sits too long on the market, real estate agents and homebuyers alike perceive it as flawed. When a homebuyer pulls up to the curb in front of a Scottsdale home for sale, if that home has “curb appeal,” he or she is more likely to want to see the inside because of the perceptions created by that first impression.

If, on the

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Your home purchase is more than likely going to be the largest investment that you will make in your lifetime, so it is important to make sure you are represented fairly and are getting the best value for your purchase. While every aspect in a purchase is important, there are a few key points in your contract that can make or break your deal, and knowing when to walk away if needed is powerful knowledge to have on your side.

Unrealistic Price.  We have all seen them. Whether the Realtor is clueless or the seller is ultra stubborn, some houses are simply priced too high. When writing an offer your Realtor will be able to do their own market research to determine a fair value for the home, which is the smart place to start with your offer. If a seller is

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