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The bedroom should be so much more than a place to lay your weary body after a hectic day. It should be the place you can’t wait to get to when you switch of the TV and drag your hiney down the hall at the end of the evening. It should evoke feelings of serenity and sanctuary – a getaway from everyone and everything.

Create your own dream bedroom by following these five easy, inexpensive steps. 

1. Move the TV out of the bedroom

There are several reasons for this. First, folks that have the TV in the bedroom stay up later than those that don’t. Next, neuroscientists have discovered that blue light – that emitted by TV and other electronic devices ― disrupts sleep cycles. “Changes in sleep patterns can in turn shift the body’s natural

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If decorating a home was easy, we wouldn’t have professional decorators. Artists, really, they seem to be able to envision a room’s possibilities in a way I, at least, can’t fathom. Interior designers, like most pros, have pet peeves. When they walk into someone’s home they find common decorating blunders and the following three are the ones that bother them most.

1. What is going on with your artwork?

Folks have a tendency to hang their artwork too high, when it should be eye-level. Although that measurement depends a great deal on the size of the room, a rule of thumb says to hang artwork 57 inches to 60 inches from the floor. Why is that? Because “the average human eye level is 57 inches,” according to They also offer a

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Gardeners love to experiment and those of us who toil under the hot desert sun are no different. I don’t know about you, but I’ve tried a number of different plants over the years, losing many but being pleasantly surprised by others. Roses, for instance, do far better here in the desert than I’d ever dreamed. Sure, some species are better adapted to the heat, but I’ve had good luck with many.

Finding what will thrive in our dry heat is challenging, but rewarding when we hit on the winners.


You’ll often hear the canna (Canna spp.) referred to as the “canna lily,” although it has no relationship to the true lilies. What it will do in your Scottsdale garden, however, is provide lots of color. Depending on the species or cultivar, the

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