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Did you know that all you have to do is install a smoke detector in your Scottsdale home (and maintain it) and you’ll cut the chances of death by fire in half? That’s amazing, considering how inexpensive smoke alarms are and how easy they are to maintain.

There are a number of reasons that a smoke detector chirps, the most common of which is that the batteries are old and need to be replaced. But, if you have a hardwired alarm without a battery backup you’ll need to do some sleuthing to figure out why it’s trying to get your attention and how to get it to stop.


The average life span of a smoke alarm is 10 years. If yours is older, it may be chirping to let you know it’s time to replace the entire unit. There should be a date stamped on

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If perceptions didn’t sell, Madison Avenue wouldn’t exist. From the old promises to become more macho if you smoked a certain brand of cigarettes to Photoshopped glossies of models selling everything from cosmetics to clothing, it’s the perception we buy into that sells products.

It’s no different in real estate. When a buyer walks into a dirty or messy home, the perception is that the home hasn’t been maintained. If a home sits too long on the market, real estate agents and homebuyers alike perceive it as flawed. When a homebuyer pulls up to the curb in front of a Scottsdale home for sale, if that home has “curb appeal,” he or she is more likely to want to see the inside because of the perceptions created by that first impression.

If, on the

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I recently got to thinking how pooch-crazy Scottsdale  residents are becoming. We have friends that take their dogs with them everywhere, even to work, and these aren’t just the little pocket-type dogs either.

Sure there are a lot of places around town you can’t take a dog, unless it’s an assistance dog, but a number of restaurants around Scottsdale are quite accommodating to pets on their patios.

Of course space prohibits listing all of the city’s eateries that allow pets on the patio, but we think this list includes some of the most popular. By the way, call ahead to ensure their pet policy hasn’t changed.

Bevvy - 4420 N Saddlebag Trl.

Boondocks Patio and Grill - 4341 N 75th St.

Brat Haus - 3622 N Scottsdale Rd.

Chez Vous Crepes -

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It takes a lot of planning if you hope to end up with the home of your dreams when buying new construction. If a home office is part of those dreams, read on for some tips on what to consider.

Space and location

If you work full time from home, adequate space for storage is critical in a home office. You may need space to store files, books and manuals and seldom-used tech items. Built-ins, such as shelves and cupboards, work well for this and don’t take up a lot of space.

The location within the home is an important consideration as well, especially if you’re easily distracted and there are others in the home while you work. As well, additional insulation during construction may pay off later by helping to soundproof the room.


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What good does it do to live in amazing Scottsdale, surrounded by amenities other cities can only wish for, if you spend most of your free time maintaining your home? Lawn care alone can eat up the better part of a weekend. This is why homes in managed communities are so popular. In fact, the more resort-like the city, the more popular its condos and townhomes.

If you’re considering selling the lawnmower and spending your leisure time actually enjoying yourself, consider buying a condo at Scottsdale’s The Plaza Lofts.


Talk about a life of leisure! After work you’ll park your car in the private, gated garage and then use your key-card to gain access to the building and again for the elevator to whisk you to your home. Unwind

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Wouldn’t it be great if we could tell the lender how much we think we can afford to pay for a house in Scottsdale? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. In fact, although you may think you know how much you can borrow, based on how much you currently pay for housing, what the lender comes up with may be wildly different – and it’s the lender that has the final say in how much it will lend you.

Let’s take a look at just how banks and mortgage companies come up with the amount of money you’ll get to buy that home in Scottsdale.

Debt-to-Income Ratio

When you make an appointment to visit a lender you’ll be asked to bring in a whole stack of documents, mainly dealing with your income and your debt. The lender’s underwriter will use these

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The average annual cost for homeowner’s insurance in Arizona is $695, according to Value Penguin. While this is lower than the national average, you still might be able to save money on the annual premium when you buy a newly-constructed home in Scottsdale.

Insurers love new homes and for good reason. Not much is likely to go wrong for years and, if the home is built of stone, brick or concrete, the fire risk is quite low, which will save you even more money on your insurance premium.

Let’s take a look at three other tips to save money on your homeowner’s insurance when you buy a new home in or around Scottsdale.

1. Do you really need all that square footage? The smaller the home, the less money you’ll spend on homeowners insurance. This is

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April is here and it’s packed with amazing events in and around Scottsdale. Get out your calendar and mark the dates!

Shop the Farmers Market

Shopping at the Old Town Farmers Market is a great way to spend a lazy Saturday morning. In fact, it’s been chosen as one of the “22 Best Things to do in Scottsdale.” Shop for locally-grown produce, specialty foods, flowers and more. Bring Fido, if he’s well-mannered (and on a leash). The market is open from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Saturdays and it’s located at First St. and Brown Ave. Get details here.

Scottsdale Culinary Festival

A fundraiser for the Scottsdale League for the Arts, the Scottsdale Culinary Festival is an April must-attend. Circle April 16 and 17 for the festival weekend and get

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There are so many loan and lender options these days that it can be very hard to choose which will best suit you. There are numerous online companies that offer “instant approvals” and other promising features, but it will absolutely be to your best interest to use a lender that is in your area. A local lender will be more convenient to get in touch with and will actually be able to sit down with you, face-to-face to assess your personal needs, something an online broker will never be able to achieve.

Consider this: local market knowledge

An advantage to using a local lender is that they will be personally familiar with market and lending trends in your area, not on a national average basis. Your local lender will be able to work closely with your

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You may have heard about REO sales before, but are they really a great deal? The acronym “REO” stands for Real Estate Owned. An REO home is a home that has gone through the foreclosure process, been available for auction with no buyer, and has now reverted back to the bank that held the previous mortgage. The general consensus about REO’s is that they are a good deal and a great investment; however this may not necessarily be the case.

To start off, some may have confused the term “REO” with a “foreclosure sale.” These are not the same. A foreclosure sale is the sale of a home that has been foreclosed on; generally these will be advertised in newspapers and will occur on the steps of the county/borough/municipality courthouse in which the property is

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