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Whoever coined the term “hotter than July” must’ve been an Arizona resident. This Fourth of July we can look forward to the usual 100+ degree temperatures (forecasts call for 108 degrees on Independence Day). The positive side of this is that there are tons of things to do this month in Scottsdale, despite the torrid temps.

Saturday, July 2

WestWorld is the place to be for a pre-Independence Day celebration. Get there by 3 p.m. to enjoy a kids play zone, live entertainment, lots of food and fireworks. Learn more online at scottsdaleindependenceday.com.

Sunday, July 3

Summer Concert Series at McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park

It’s your last chance this summer to enjoy the sizzling summer concerts at McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park.

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The bedroom should be so much more than a place to lay your weary body after a hectic day. It should be the place you can’t wait to get to when you switch of the TV and drag your hiney down the hall at the end of the evening. It should evoke feelings of serenity and sanctuary – a getaway from everyone and everything.

Create your own dream bedroom by following these five easy, inexpensive steps. 

1. Move the TV out of the bedroom

There are several reasons for this. First, folks that have the TV in the bedroom stay up later than those that don’t. Next, neuroscientists have discovered that blue light – that emitted by TV and other electronic devices ― disrupts sleep cycles. “Changes in sleep patterns can in turn shift the body’s natural

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While it's cooler than in weeks past, the high today in Scottsdale is expected to reach 113 degrees. Another excessive heat warning is in effect. Yikes! Sure, we’re used to the heat in the summer, but this is beyond what we’re accustomed to. Of course you know to remain hydrated all the time but it’s even more important in excessive heat. And, running the A/C 24-7 gets pricey. So, where to go on the weekends to beat the heat in Scottsdale? Read on.

Water helps

And not just the type you ingest. Take a cool dip at McDowell Mountain Ranch Aquatic & Fitness Center. Kids love the water slide (I happen to know some adults who do too!) and what’s not to like about spending a hot afternoon floating down the lazy river? Get hours of operation and more

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Not everyone can afford the escalating home prices in Arizona. Scottsdale’s home prices, for instance, increased 9.4 percent in May (over the median price in May of 2015). The median list price of Scottsdale homes for sale right now is $629,000.

So, what are folks on a tight budget supposed to do? We wondered the same thing while working with some first-time homebuyers recently so we did some research. Here are three wonderful homes for sale in Scottsdale, priced below $250,000.

Trails at Scottsdale

It’s hard to believe that you can buy a condo in Scottsdale at this price but this is a single-family home with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 1,845 square feet of living space! Situated on a corner lot, this home features a side yard, backyard and a…
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Date night in Scottsdale can be as simple as a glass of wine and appetizers on an outdoor patio with a view or fine dining in what we consider one of Scottsdale’s most romantic eateries. If the latter fits the bill you can’t go wrong with reservations at Monarch.

1. Magical ambiance

You simply must request a table on the patio when you make your reservations. Sure, there are candles and fresh flowers on each table, but there’s also much more to Monarch’s magical ambiance. From the twinkle lights strung overhead to the lanterns casting a soft glow, it’s like dining in “fairyland” as one Yelp reviewer put it. Then, the tables are spaced so that conversations remain private. The attention to detail in the design of the patio is impeccable.


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Privacy. It’s a hot commodity in a world where we’re pushed ever closer in proximity to one another. It almost seems like a diabolical developers’ cruel joke to see how many houses they can cram onto a couple of acres.

You don’t have to put up with feeling like you live in a fishbowl as there are a number of creative landscaping techniques that, in some cases, provide almost-instant privacy. If you do your homework before choosing landscaping materials you can get the solitude you crave for your Scottsdale house and keep the work on it to a minimum.

Baby steps to privacy

One of the first things you need to determine is if your Homeowner’s Association has landscaping rules. Many of them do, so dig out the paperwork and pore over the CC&Rs to

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Most folks are horror stricken when they find out one of those huge retailers will be opening in or near their neighborhoods. Apparently, the fear is misplaced, according to studies of what happens to home prices in these situations. Sure, there will be a marked increase in traffic and noise, but read on to find out the benefits of having a Walmart next door (or nearby).

The Walmart Effect

Yes, there’s actually a name for it and it was coined by ABC News. Despite what many critics think, a new Walmart in the area actually helps boost home values, according to a study by Brigham Young University and the University of Chicago. You just might get a 3 percent bump in the value of your home when Walmart comes to town.

A new Whole Foods store will

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It only makes sense that you want every last penny that your Scottsdale home is worth when you sell it. Hey, we can’t blame you. There are several facts about home values that you need to know, however, in order to get all that money.

First, location is paramount. The better the location of your home, the more it will be worth, compared to similar homes. Second is curb appeal. It can actually make or break your home’s value.

Let’s assume then that your home is in an ideal location in Scottsdale – one that homebuyers clamor for. Then, let’s also assume that you’ve spent the time and money necessary to spiff up the exterior so that when buyers pull up to the curb they fall in love.

What else will entice them to write an offer on your

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For many golfers, living in a golf course community is a dream-come-true. Who wouldn’t want to go from garage to clubhouse in just seconds and in a golf cart? Scottsdale golfers flock to the Starfire Golf Course located in the fabulous Scottsdale Country Club community, and if you’re one of them, you’ll want to take a look at the surrounding Sovanna Condominiums for your new home.

The golf course

The Arnold Palmer designed Starfire Golf Course is an absolute treat. With three well-maintained nine-hole courses, you can always squeeze in a quick game before work or spend the day working through all 27 holes. The Sovanna Condominiums are surrounded by the course, so you’re likely to pass your neighbors while you walk around the property.

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